Since the 1997 Base Reuse Plan, a Northeast-Southwest (formerly known as Eastside Parkway) rural arterial connector (known as Eastside Road) has been part of the Fort Ord transportation network. The roadway was to connect the Monterey Peninsula to the Salinas Valley by traversing the former Fort Ord. It was envisioned to “serve to reduce demand along State Highway 1, 12th Street and the Del Monte/2nd/General Jim Moore Boulevard corridor.” (BRP Volume II, pg. 298. See the Objectives of the Regional Transportation Network in section, which starts on that page.

In December 2009, the FORA Board approved the 2009-10 mid-year CIP, prioritizing Eastside Road funding. In 2010, County of Monterey staff suggested changing the roadway name from “Eastside Road” to “Eastside Parkway.”  In 2012, FORA completed a Draft Preliminary Initial Study Checklist, which included a recommendation to prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Eastside Parkway. FORA did not have sufficient dollars at that time to construct the approximately $18 million facility. As development on former Fort Ord has increased its pace, FORA anticipates collecting sufficient funding for this facility in the next few years (see FY 17-18 CIP).

In November 2016, the FORA Board approved contract amendment #3 with Whitson Engineers to proceed with Eastside Parkway environmental review.  Subsequently, Whitson Engineers conducted a Request for Proposals for environmental consulting services. In August 2017, Whitson Engineers selected Denise Duffy and Associates to provide these services. As FORA moves ahead with preparation of the EIR, public participation will be important at each step of the process. FORA will present a number of informational briefings to decision-makers and the public.


The following is the anticipated EIR preparation schedule:

Past Presentations:
Fort Ord Committee – September 7, 2017
FORA Board – November 17, 2017
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