1997 Approved Base reuse plan drafts and supporting documents


2001 Reprint of base reuse plan, appendices and FEIR

The 2001 Reprint of the FORA Base Reuse Plan is made up of four (4) volumes.

Final Reassessment Report 2012Reassessment

Throughout 2012, FORA conducted a comprehensive reassessment of its 1997 Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan (BRP) to evaluate progress toward implementing economic recovery and reuse of land at the former Fort Ord.

The process, in collaboration with the Ventana Chapter of the Sierra Club
and led by EMC Planning Group, Inc., an experienced locally-based land use consulting firm, included assessment of the approved plan and review of current and future local and regional needs. An extensive public participation program engaged interested members of the public, numerous community and business organizations, and local land-use jurisdictions in a series of five community workshops and several FORA Board study sessions. A Final Reassessment Report was received in December. The Reassessment Report identified main findings into five categories:

I. Modifications and Corrections (typographical and editorial errors, outdated references in the BRP, and minor clarifications);
II. Prior Board Actions and Regional Plan Consistency;
III. Implementation of Policies and Programs;
IV. Policy and Program Modifications; and
V. FORA Procedures and Operations.

The final report is available by clicking on the image above or in sections here: www.fora.org/BRPReassessment.html

On May 17, 2013, the 2012 Reassessment Report received an Award of Merit for Best Planning Practices from the Northern California Chapter of the American Planning Association.


In February and March 2013, FORA held the first two of three “Post-Reassessment” Board workshops to establish priorities for policy action items. To further that objective, FORA Board Chairman Jerry Edelen appointed a Post-Reassessment Advisory Committee (PRAC) at the March 2013 workshop. The PRAC, composed of seven Board members and focusing primarily on Category I and Category IV issues, was formed to develop a balanced and manageable set of policy priority recommendations for the Board’s consideration. The PRAC held its sixth meeting in late-June and presented its recommendations for near-term (Fiscal Year 2013-2014) priorities at the Board’s June meeting.

On May 17, 2013, the Northern California Chapter of the American Planning Association recognized the 2012 Reassessment Report with an Award of Merit for Best Planning Practices. To access the full report, CLICK HERE.

2018 Volume II category i text corrections

On March 9, 2018, the Board accepted a staff report on Category I BRP text and figure corrections. Category I originated in the 2012 Reassessment Report and was reviewed by the Post-Reassessment Advisory Committee (PRAC).  Staff presented PRAC’s Category I review to the FORA Board May 10, 2013. The corrections are all errata, such as typographic errors or missing phrases in programs which caused some confusion between Vol II and Volume IV of the 2001 republished Base Reuse Plan. Please consult these redline corrections (red color for new wording, red strikethrough for removed wording) when considering the required policies and programs for base recovery and reuse on former Fort Ord.Twenty-six figures were also corrected, following the Reassessment Report and PRAC. They are available on the Base Reuse Plan Maps and Figures page.

Category I Text CorrectionsText Corrections