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Remote Meetings Protocols & Best Practices

Board of Directors

The Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) was established by state law (Authority Act: Gov Code §67650-67700). The FORA Board of Directors is governed by thirteen voting members, consisting of three members of the Monterey County Board of Supervisors, two city council members from each of the Cities of Marina and Seaside, and one city council member from each of the Cities of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Del Rey Oaks, Sand City, Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Salinas. The FORA Board also has 12 ex-officio non-voting members, one each from the 20th Congressional District, 17th State Senate District, 29th State Assembly District, US Army /Presidio of Monterey, Fort Ord Base Realignment and Closure Office, University of California, California State University, Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, Monterey Salinas Transit, Transportation Agency of Monterey County, and Marina Coast Water District. The Board of Directors meets at 2:00pm on the second Friday of the month (or more, as needed). If you would like to receive Board meeting notices, please submit your request to Harry@fora.org

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is established by FORA Master Resolution §2.03.020 and is comprised of five voting Board members and one ex-officio Board member (non-voting). Voting members of the Executive Committee include the annually elected Board Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Immediate Past Chair), and two annually elected members-at-large. The Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving all Board agendas, providing initial Executive Officer performance evaluations, advising the Board regarding employment and personnel matters, authorizing Executive Officer and Board travel, approving selected purchases, and other items as directed by the Board.

Administrative Committee

The FORA Administrative Committee was established by state law (Gove Code §67672) and is comprised of the Chief Administrative Officer, County Administrative Officer, or City Manager of each member agency, or their designee. The Committee’s five voting members are representatives from each of the five FORA land use jurisdictions (Monterey County and the cities of Monterey, Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, and Marina). The FORA Executive Officer serves as Administrative Committee Chair, and the Committee annually appoints one voting member to serve as Co-Chair. The Committee reviews all Board agenda materials, provides Board recommendations regarding the Annual Capital Improvement Program, and performs additional tasks as assigned by the Board.

Finance Committee

The FORA Master Resolution establishes a six-member Finance Committee (MR §2.03.050), composed of voting and ex-officio Board members. The Finance Committee is responsible for evaluating the annual budget and providing budgetary recommendations to the FORA Board. The Committee is also responsible for selecting the Authority Auditor and for reviewing the annual audit of financial statements, as well advising the Board on proposed financing mechanisms to fund the obligations of the Authority.

Habitat Working Group Ad-Hoc Committee

An Ad-Hoc Committee formed to meet weekly during Q1 2020 to address stakeholder questions and concerns regarding long-term habitat management options on the former Fort Ord. Relevant content will be posted here for public access. This committee had their final meeting on March 27, 2020. Access the Habitat Conservation page for information on the HCP: fora.org/habitat

Veterans Issues Advisory Committee

The VIAC was formed to identify, discuss, evaluate, and advise the FORA Board on former Fort Ord issues that directly impact Monterey Bay veterans, including the California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery and the Veterans Affairs/Department of Defense Clinic.This committee will be managed and coordinated by the Monterey County Military & Veterans Affairs Office after FORA's sunset June 30, 2020.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Advisory Committee is established by FORA Master Resolution §02.03.040 and is comprised of five voting Board members, appointed annually by the Chair and confirmed by the Board. Three ex-officio Board representatives from the 20th Congressional District, the 17th State Senate District, and the 29th State Assembly District also serve on the Committee in a non-voting capacity. The Committee reviews and evaluates impacts of proposed federal or state legislation, advises and informs the Board regarding pending legislation, develops and recommends an annual legislative agenda, and organizes/conducts the annual Legislative Session/s with sitting representatives of the above mentioned electoral districts.

Water/Wastewater Oversight Committee

The WWOC is an advisory committee to the FORA Board regarding Marina Coast Water District’s operation and maintenance of the former Fort Ord water and wastewater collection systems, including the annual adoption of Ord Community budget and rates, the planning and development of a water augmentation project, and assuring that the facilities compliment implementation of the reuse plan. This committee held its final meeting in December of 2019.

Capital Improvement Program Committee

The CIP committee was formed as a technical advisory committee to the Administrative Committee on issues relating to timing of FORA Capital Improvement Program transportation projects, land use jurisdiction development forecasts, and other CIP related matters.

Post-Reassessment Advisory Committee

In February and March 2013, FORA held the first two of three “Post-Reassessment” Board workshops to establish priorities for policy action items. To further that objective, FORA Board Chairman Jerry Edelen appointed a Post-Reassessment Advisory Committee (PRAC) at the March 2013 workshop. The PRAC, composed of seven Board members and focusing primarily on Category I and Category IV issues, was formed to develop a balanced and manageable set of policy priority recommendations for the Board’s consideration. This advisory committee completed its mission in May of 2016, with any remaining items needing further consideration brought to the attention of the Transition Task Force.

Regional Urban Design Guidelines Task Force

The FORA Board Chair appointed members from the Administrative Committee and Board to the RUDG Task Force in March 2014. This task force completed its mission when the Board received and approved the RUDG in June of 2016. For questions related to the these Guidelines, please go to the website: https://designfortord.org/

Transition Task Force / Ad-Hoc Committee

FORA’s legislative terminus is June 30, 2020. A Transition Task Force (TTF) was created in April, 2016 to explore post 2020 alternatives and the associated transition issues. Its work consists of reviewing contractual closing obligations, liabilities, implementation agreements, revenue sources, and potential alternatives. In November 2017, the FORA Board approved an incremental step towards transition planning by directing staff to focus on a single agency successor to complete the FORA program. The Board also noted that a final Transition Plan will assign asets and liabilities, designate responsible successor agencies, and provide a schedule of remaining obligations. At its January 2018 meeting, the Board gave further direction to reconvene as an Ad-Hoc Committee. The 2018 Transition Plan was approved by the FORA board at the December 19, 2018, special meeting: FORA Resolution 18-11. Click HERE (https://fora.org/TransitionProcess) for more information on the Transition Planning Process.

Miscellaneous Meetings

Pollution Policy Legal Liability, Property Transfer, and other meetings held at FORA.