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LegalESCAUS EPA-Army-State of CA Federal Facility Agreement1990
GoverningNANAFORABase Reuse Plan (BRP)1994
LegislationGovernment CodeHealth and Safety CodeFORASB 899 FORA Act1994
GoverningNANAFORAHabitat Management Plan1997
LegalLand TransactionsHabitatFORAMaster Resolution 1997
LegalLand TransactionsImplementation AgreementsFORAMCWD-FORA Quitclaim deed L35.51997
LegalLand TransactionsPG&EFORAPG&E- Army Public Easement1997
GoverningWaterNAMCWDFORA-MCWD Water/Waste Water Facilities Agreement1998
GoverningWaterMCWDWater/Wastewater Facilities Agreement Exhibits1998
LegalCEQAAgreementsFORASierra Club Settlement1998
LegalLand TransactionsFORA-Army EDC AgreementFORAArmy-FORA MOA for Sale of Portions of the Former Fort Ord2000
LegalLand TransactionsImplementation AgreementsCountyFORA, MCWD Quitclaim Deed Ord infrastructure2001
LegalLand TransactionsImplementation AgreementsDel Rey OaksDel Rey Oaks Implementation Agreement2001
LegalLand TransactionsImplementation AgreementsMarinaCity of Marina Implementation Agreement2001
LegalLand TransactionsImplementation AgreementsMontereyCity of Monterey Implementation Agreement2001
LegalLand TransactionsImplementation AgreementsSeasideCounty of Monterey Implementation Agreement2001
LegalLand TransactionsDeedMCWDCity of Seaside Implementation Agreement2001
LegalFinanceRevenueFORA FORA Community Facilities District (CFD) Notice of Special Tax Lien2002
LegalLand TransactionsFORA-Army EDC AgreementFORAFORA, Marina Quitclaim deed Abrams, Lightfighter Lodge and Patton Housing2002
LegalLand TransactionsHabitatCountyCounty, MPC, FORA Public Safety Officer Training Facilities Agreement2002
LegalOtherFinanceMPCArmy-FORA MOA for Sale of Portions of the Former Fort Ord: Ammendment 12002
LegalLand TransactionsDeedMarinaNotice of CFD Special Tax Lien2002
LegalUSFWS EG-PF BiologicalAssessment Concurrence Letter2002
LegalLand TransactionsDDAMarinaCity of Marina - Cypress Marina Heights, LLP Option Agreement2003
LegalLand TransactionsImplementation AgreementsMarinaTAMC-FORA-Marina EDC property agreement2004
GoverningWaterNAMCWDWater/Wastewater Facilities Agreement Amendment 12004
GoverningWaterNAMCWDWater/Wastewater Facilities Agreement Amendment 22004
GoverningWorkforceNAFORAStorm Water Master Plan2005
LegalCEQAStorm DrainFORADel Rey Oaks-FORA-Developer Endangered Species MOA2005
LegalLand TransactionsBuilding RemovalMarinaCounty-FORA-Developer Endangered Species MOA2005
LegalLand TransactionsDDACountyFORA-UCSC Agreement Concerning Funding of Habitat Management Related Expenses on the Fort Ord Natural Reserve2005
LegalLand TransactionsDDACountyFORA-County of Monterey reimbursement agreement for Davis Road Improvements2005
LegalLand TransactionsDDACountyArmy- FORA, MRWPCA, and MCWD MOA 2005
LegalLand TransactionsDDAMarinaEast Garrison Partners, LLC - County of Monterey DDA: Appendix 12005
LegalLand TransactionsHabitatCountyEast Garrison Partners, LLC - County of Monterey DDA: Appendix 22005
LegalLand TransactionsHabitatCountyParker Flats - East Garrison biological assessment 2005
LegalLand TransactionsHabitatCountyProposed East Garrison-Parker Flats Land Use Modification MOU2005
LegalLand TransactionsHabitatDel Rey OaksFirst Amendment to Notice of Special Tax Lien2005
LegalLand TransactionsHabitatMarinaFORA-TAMC fee re-allocation study2005
LegalLand TransactionsImplementation AgreementsFORAMarina Redevelopment Agency, Marina Community Partners and FORA MOA on University Villages Building Removal2005
LegalOtherWaterMCWDFORA-UC Habitat Funding Agreement2005
LegalTransportationCEQACountyMarina Community Partners, LLC,- City of Marina DDA2005
LegalTransportationCEQATAMCMCWD-FORA Quitclaim deed L35.1 & L35.22005
LegalUCSCWorkforce Development Training Policy2005
LegalEast Garrison Partners, LLC - County of Monterey DDA2005
LegalLand TransactionsDDACountyArmy-FORA MOA for Sale of Portions of the Former Fort Ord: Ammendment 22006
LegalLand TransactionsFinanceFORAFORA-MCP LLC Reimbursement Agreement2006
LegalLand TransactionsFORA-Army EDC AgreementFORACounty, FORA, East Garrison Partners MOA on Basewide Funding Obligations2006
Marina Community PartnersDDA Assignment to Union Community Partners, East Garrison2006
LegalCounty Redevelopment, East Garrison, FORAMOA Concerining Base-wide Obligations2006
GoverningWaterNAFORAWrit of Mandate2007
GoverningWaterNAFORACounty of Monterey Redevelopment Agency and Darryl Choates Disposition, Development and Lease Agreement2007
LegalInsuranceESCAESCAESCA Cooperative Agreement Award2007
LegalLand TransactionsDDACountyFORA-LFR Fort Ord Remediation Services Agreement2007
LegalLand TransactionsESCACountyFORA-City of Marina reimbursement agreement for Abrams, Crescent, 8th Street, and Salinas Roads2007
LegalLand TransactionsESCACSUMBFORA-Seaside ESCA Property Management MOA2007
LegalLand TransactionsESCADROFORA-CSUMB ESCA Property Management MOA2007
LegalLand TransactionsESCAMontereyFORA-DRO ESCA Property Management MOA2007
LegalLand TransactionsESCASeasideFORA-City of Monterey ESCA Property Management MOA2007
LegalLand TransactionsImplementation AgreementsFORAFORA-County ESCA Property Management MOA2007
LegalTransportationCEQAMarinaPollution Legal Liability Insurance (PLL) - ESCA Insurance Policy Coverages A, B & C2007
LegalESCAUS EPA Administrative Order on Consent2007
LegalESCAFORA-UC FONR Extend Funding2007
LegalTransportationCEQACSUMBFORA Potable Water allocation to jurisdictions2007
UCSC, FORAFORA Recycled Water allocations to jurisdictions2007
MCWDWater/Wastewater Facilities Agreement Amendment 22007
LegalLand TransactionsAgreementSeasideFORA-Seaside -AYH Agreement Long2008
LegalLand TransactionsAgreementSeasideFORA-Seaside -AYH Agreement Short2008
LegalLand TransactionsDeedSeasideArmy-Seaside AYH Water Deed2008
LegalLand TransactionsDeedSeasideFORA-Seaside Quit Claim Deed for Parcel L372008
LegalLand TransactionsESCAMPCArmy-FORA MOA for Sale of Portions of the Former Fort Ord: Ammendment 32008
LegalLand TransactionsFORA-Army EDC AgreementFORAFORA-MPC ESCA Property Management MOA2008
LegalDTSCCounty, Seaside, Monterey, Del Rey Oaks, Marina, CSUMB, UCSC, MPCMOA Dept. of Toxic Substances Control2008
LegalLand TransactionsFORA-Army EDC AgreementFORAArmy-FORA MOA for Sale of Portions of the Former Fort Ord: Ammendment 42009
LegalTransportationCEQAMarina, CSUMBStipulation to Discharge Peremptory Writ of Mandate2009
LegalESCACounty of Monterey, Seaside, FORAMOU Central Coast Veterans Cemetery2009
ESCAParker Flats Munition Response Area Phase IRemedial Design/Remedial Action, Land Use Controls Implementation, and Operation and Maintenance Plan2009
LegalLand TransactionsFORA-Army EDC AgreementFORAArmy-FORA MOA for Sale of Portions of the Former Fort Ord: Ammendment 52011
LegalLand TransactionsFinanceFORAFORA-Seaside-County-VCF_Cemetery Land Sale Agreement2012
LegalLand TransactionsFinanceFORAFORA-Seaside-County-VCF_Cemetery Land Sale AgreementL: Exhibit 12012
LegalLand TransactionsFinanceFORAFORA-Seaside-County-VCF_Cemetery Land Sale Agreement: Exhibit 22012
LegalLand TransactionsFinanceFORAFORA-Seaside-County-VCF_Cemetery Land Sale Agreement: Exhibit 32012
LegalCounty, Seaside, CCVC, CCCVCMOU County, Seaside CCVC Foundation on CCCVC Planning2012
LegalLand TransactionsImplementation AgreementsMarinaCity of Marina IA - Amendment #1: Establishing Development Fee Policy Formula2013
LegislationGovernment CodeHealth and Safety CodeFORAAB 1614 FORA Extension2014
LegislationGovernment CodeHealth and Safety CodeFORAFORA-TAMC Reimbursement Agreement Concerning Hwy 68 Operational Improvements2014
LegalLand TransactionsFORA-Army EDC AgreementFORAArmy-FORA MOA for Sale of Portions of the Former Fort Ord: Ammendment 62014
LegalTransportationCEQAMarinaFORA-City of Marina-Shea Homes Fee Credit Agreement concerning 8th Street2014
LegalTransportationCEQATAMCAB 1614 FORA Extension Fact Sheet2014
MSTDel Rey Oaks Reimbursement Agreement2014
LegalTAMCFORA MST PLL Insurance Agreement2014
LegalDROFORA TAMC PLL Insurance2014
LegalInsuranceFORAFORAFORA-Monterey Bay Charter School Traffic MOU2015
LegalPrevailing WageNAFORAPrevailing Wage determination - Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Letter to FORA2015
LegalTransportationCEQACSUMBPollution Legal Liability Insurance (PLL) CHUBB2015
AdminNANANAFORA Capital Improvement Program (CIP)2016
AdminNANANAReimbursement Agreement for AWT Phase I RUWAP Recycled Project 2016
AdminNANANATransition PowerPoint Presentation Draft2016
AdminNANANAFORA Organizational Chart2016
LegalCEQACIPFORATransition Plan Timeline Draft2016
LegalWaterNAMCWDTransition Plan Memorandum Draft2016
LegalESCAESCA Grant Amendment - Fully Signed 12-20-172017
LegalESCAESCA Amendment Modification2017
LegalCity of MontereyMemo to the Board - CFD Development Fees Assignability2018
ArmyExtend 2007 MOA by FORA and City of Monterey2018
MarinaAmendment No. 1 Memorandum of Agreement - FORA ESCA County of Monterey2018
ESCAMPCEPS Transition Memorandum2018
EPSAmendment No. 1 to MOA property held for ESCA clean up - fully executed - Del Rey Oaks2018
LegalLAFCOAmendment No. 1 Memorandum of Agreement - City of Seaside2018
LegalESCACounty of MontereyMPC Extension Letter - ESCA Cleanup2018
LegalESCACSUMBAmendment No. 1 Memorandum of Agreement - County of Monterey2018
LegalESCADel Rey OaksArmy to FORA VTC Water Agreement2018
LegalESCASeasideCSUMB Amendment No. 1 to MOA property held for ESCA clean up - fully executed2018
LegalESCACounty of MontereyFORA to City of Marina Water Agreement2018
ResolutionFORAResolution 18-11 -- 2018 FORA Transition Plan2018
Master ResolutionFORAMaster Resolution Recorded 4/14/20202020
ResolutionResolution 20-01 -- COVID State of Emergency protocols2020
ResolutionResolution 20-02 -- Building Removal Funding Agreements in Connection with Tax Allocation Bonds to Fund Building Removal Costs, and Approving Related Actions2020
ResolutionResolution 20-03 -- Edith Johnsen's Memorial Proclamation2020
ResolutionResolution 20-04 -- CIP and General fund projects MOA2020
ResolutionResolution 20-05 -- Joint CF agreements with County, DRO, Marina, Monterey, and Seaside2020
ResolutionResolution 20-06 -- Bond purchase agreements2020
ResolutionResolution 19-02 - Acknowledging Bill Kempe2019
ResolutionResolution 19-03 - Fixing the Employer Contribution at Unequal Amounts for Employees and Annuitants Under the Public Employees’ Medical and Hospital Care Act2019
ResolutionResolution 19-04 - Certifying the City of Marna Veterans Transition Center General Plan Map Amendment2019
ResolutionResolution 19-05 - Enter into a Contract for Services on a Limited Competition Basis
ResolutionResolution 19-06 - Adopting the Budget and the Ord Community Compensation Plan for FY 2019-2020 not including Capacity Charges2019
ResolutionResolution 19-07 - Adopting the Capacity Charge element of the Budget and the Ord Community Compensation Plan for FY 2019-20202019
ResolutionResolution 19-08 - Resolution of Acknowledgment and Appreciation – Robert Norris, Jr. 2019
ResolutionResolution 19-09 - Resolution of Acknowledgment and Appreciation – Jonathan M. Brinkmann2019
ResolutionResolution 19-10 - Resolution of Acknowledgment and Appreciation – D. Steven Endsley2019
ResolutionResolution 19-11 - Honoring Michael Angelo Houlemard, Jr. 2019 recipient of the ADC John Lynch Award2019
ResolutionResolution 19-12 - Resolution Adopting the Retention and Separation Package for FY2019-202019
ResolutionResolution 19-13 - Resolution Authorizing Building Removal Bond Issuance2019
ResolutionResolution 19-14 - Resolution of Acknowledgment and Appreciation – Michael A. Houlemard, Jr.2019
Resolution 20-07 -- Recordation of Notice of Cessation of special tax, related to CFD2020
Resolution 20-08 -- Amendment to Reso 19-12, Retention and Separation Package
Resolution 20-09 -- ESCA Successor documents release2020
Resolution 20-10 -- Campus Town Consistency Determination2020
Resolution 20-11 -- MOA general fund project transfer of Oak Woodlands to Monterey Co.2020
Resolution 20-12 -- TBD2020
Resolution 20-13 --TBD2020

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