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All Executive Committee meetings are open to the public. Executive Committee meetings are scheduled on the Wednesday nine days prior to the FORA Board meeting, since the primary purpose is to review the FORA Board agenda, as well as other items requiring action or consideration.  These meetings usually begin at 3:30pm and are held in various locations.  Meeting dates are subject to change.  Please call the FORA office for up-to-date information.If you would like to receive Executive Committee meeting notices, please submit your request to Dominique Jones (831) 883-3672 or

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January 3 Agenda Packet Minutes --
January 31 Agenda Packet Minutes --
February 28 Agenda Packet Minutes --
April 4 Agenda Packet Minutes --
May 2 Agenda Packet Minutes --
May 30 Agenda Packet Minutes --
August 1 Agenda Packet Minutes --
August 14* Special Meeting Minutes --
September 5 Agenda Packet Minutes --
September 19* CANCELLED
October 3 Agenda Packet   --
October 31 Agenda Packet   --
December 5        

*Indicates change in meeting date from regular schedule.