Regional Urban Design Guidelines process: Design Fort Ord

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The visual character of the Monterey Peninsula plays a major role in supporting the area’s attractiveness as a destination for many visitors every year. The location of the Fort Ord property is such that it functions much like a gateway to Peninsula attractions such as the beach and dunes area which will be a state park; the communities of Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel; and the Carmel Valley, Big Sur and points south.

Maintaining the visual quality of this gateway to the Peninsula and where necessary enhancing it is of regional importance to ensure the economic vitality of the entire Peninsula. Regional urban design guidelines will be prepared and adopted by FORA as a separate implementation action to govern the visual quality of the following areas of regional importance. The guidelines will address the State Highway 1 Scenic Corridor, the freeway entrances to the former Fort Ord are from State Highway 1 (12th Street and the Main Gate areas) and from the east, areas bordering the public accessible habitat-conservation areas, major through roadways such as Reservation Road and Blanco Road, as well as other areas to be determined. The urban design guidelines will establish standards for road design, setbacks, building height, landscaping, signage, and other matters of visual importance.

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